History’s Side Streets

Thursday, November 30 - 12:30 PM

History’s Side Streets with Richard Bloom
Join us as we stroll along the side streets of American history and poke about the nooks and crannies to meet, greet and explore the forgotten, overlooked and unusual folks and events that have helped shape the American story. Along the way we bump into a few familiar faces with unfamiliar tales to tell.

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By George, That’s It!
George Washington didn’t become the father of his country for his exploits during the American Revolution. No, he earned that title 21 years earlier at a little place called Jumonville Glen in Pennsylvania.
553520 A: Th, 9/14

Bring Me Benedict Arnold!
In 1780 General George Washington ordered Sgt. Major John Champe of Virginia to find, capture and return Benedict Arnold to his headquarters to stand trial for treason.
553521 A: Th, 9/21

Frantic Freedom
Virginia’s Jack Jouett rode like the wind the night of June 3, 1781 to save Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson from the grasp of British dragoon Commander Banastre Tarelton.
553522 A: Th, 9/28

Frontier Mayhem
First cousins Micajah and Wiley Harpe are considered to be America’s first serial killers, dispatching some 40 men, women and children on the frontier between 1780 and 1799.
553523 A: Th, 10/5

Lincoln for the Defense
In 1847, future emancipator Abraham Lincoln surprisingly defended a slave owner’s right to hold human chattel.
553524 A: Th, 10/12

Saved by the Belle
Ida Lewis was reportedly the most celebrated lighthouse keeper along the East Coast between 1854 and 1905, especially having rescued 18-25 folks from sure death.
553525 A: Th, 10/19

Bell to the Rescue
After President James Garfield was shot in 1881, telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell developed a unique device to help find the bullet still lodged in his body.
553526 A 12:30-1:30 pm Th 10/26

Gee, Man, What Happened
Fame, fortune and friends eluded Eliot Ness in the years after he helped jail celebrated crime lord Al Capone. By the time he died of a massive heart attack at age 54, he was a broken man.
553527 A: Th, 11/2

Summer’s Son
Wally Pipp had been the starting New York Yankees’ first baseman for 11 seasons. Legend has it he developed a headache and manager Miller Huggins yanked him in favor of Lou Gehrig. The legend has it all wrong.
553528 A: Th, 11/9

Strike Three!
Seventeen-year-old female baseball pitcher Jackie Mitchell faced down celebrated sluggers Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1931 and struck out both – well, maybe.
553529 A: Th, 11/16

In the 1930s, a team of high schoolers from the small town of Waterloo, Ohio delivered a brand of winning Class B basketball worthy of the Harlem Globetrotters.
553530 A: Th, 11/30

Too Young the Hero
Calvin Graham was only an incredible 12- years- old when he was wounded by shrapnel in the battle for Guadalcanal in World War II.
553531 A: Th, 12/7


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